Friday, April 6, 2012

What's on my mind...

On my mind:

1.  Tonight I am dragging my husband with me to go to the re-release of Titanic in 3D!!!  I am soooo excited! 

2.  I'm also pretty excited about tomorrow-Ace, my shihtzu/poodle puppy, has an appt at the vet to get all caught up on his shots and an appt at the groomers.  I can't wait to get him all buzzed!  His hair is getting so long and he stinks!  (Our tub has been out of commission because of the bathroom remodel so we haven't been able to give him a bath in a couple weeks!)  I'm going to have them buzz him all over but leave his little goatee (hehe) so he can still be the badass that he is ;)

3.  Tomorrow night after all my errands and everything I'm finally able to have a couple drinks with one of my best girlfriends (who I actually met through my husband because she is one of HIS best friends-weird, I know, but it somehow works).  I miss her so it will be nice to catch up!

4.  This weekend will be the first weekend in a long time that I won't have Isabelle (until Sunday at least) and it feels weird.

5.  We got our tax return back!!!  wooo hoo!!!  It feels good to be able to pay our bills without struggling to do so or stretching our bank account so thin for once!

6.  Its Easter this Sunday and I can't wait to see my family.

7.  I spent $50 on easter candy and a couple little toys for Isabelle-and if my husband knew that he would KILL ME.

8.   Our bathroom remodel is ALMOST complete and I am getting so anxious for that project to be over.  And it looks SO much better than it did before!  Hopefully I'll be able to post pics soon!

9.  Once again, I am writing this post while at's 4:00 on a Friday, can you blame me?!

10.  Just got my hair highlighted and trimmed yesterday (finally!) and I'm loving it!  I did a full foil of bleach highlights and it turned out great!  I have naturally blonde hair, but over the years it has turned to more of a dishwater blonde.  I like being a bright blonde, it's what I'm used to.  But please, dont peg me for one of those overly tanned, fake nails, extreme make up, cleavage baring, take pictures of myself all the time hussies...I'm not that at all.  I don't tan, the last time my nails were fake was for my wedding which was last August, and I don't wear a lot of make up. 

11.  I need to get my eyebrows done...ew, they look gross.

Well, I suppose that will do it for this edition of pointless ramblings!  Thanks for tuning in folks!  Until next time...



  1. How was the 3D version of Titanic? Oooh I hope you post pics of the bathroom soon, I love seeing remodeled rooms! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  2. I will post pics as soon as it's done...who knows when that will be! LOL!