Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Little of This and That

Well, I brought Ace to the groomers last weekend for his first time, and boy!  Was that an ordeal for the groomer!  She took a full 3 hours to get a 7 pound puppy done!  He REALLY didn't enjoy it!  But he looks adorable!  However, the rest of the weekend and the last few days he has been acting weird, and whining ALL THE TIME.  I brought him into the vet to get him looked at and he seemed to think Ace wrenched his back while squirming at the groomers so he gave him some pills for the pain.  What a world of difference!  My little guy is back to normal! 

Easter was so great this year and my little girl looked so big compared to all her younger cousins!  It's always so nice to see the whole family. 

The night before Easter my little one was with her dad for his family's Easter, so me and Andy and a couple friends went out for a couple drinks...and a couple turned into a few, and a few turned into too many.  We were up a little too late for it being the night before Easter.  We sure took advantage of having no kids for one night and had so much fun!  It doesn't happen very often that we actually get to go out with our friends so it was a good night! 

It's Thursday afternoon and I am taking tomorrow off to for a cleaning day at home.  Our house has gotten to the point (again) where it looks like a tornado has blown through it.  So it will be nice to give it a good pickin' up. 

My hubby will be out of town this weekend.  Thinking of seeing if my mother would like to babysit one so I can have a night to myself.  I was thinking about trying to go out with some girlfriends again, but then I thought that a night alone would do me good.  Seriously, I treasure my alone time.  It just never happens. 

I'm reading a new book called "You Don't Sweat Much For a Fat Girl" With the caption on the cover: Observations on life from the shallow end of the pool.  It's by Celia Rivenbark.  She writes just like I do, a style that I have come to love in myself and with anyone else I know that writes this way.  Basically whatever comes to her mind, the way she says it is the way she writes it.  Her book is just a collection of short stories from her life or opinions she has or things she's heard.  It's halarious so far.  Her chapters have witty titles such as "Menopause Spurs Thoughts of Death and Turkey" "Twitter Woes: I've Got Plenty of Characters, Just No Character", "Kiosk Bee-otch Makes Mall Trip Treacherous", "Taking The Class Out Of Yoga", and so on and so forth...I'm on page 40 and already in love with the book.  This woman is halarious.  I highly recommend for a light read. 

One day I plan on writing a book like this.  One day...  I also plan on making myself rich.  Maybe that will be the way...  Until then we'll just take it one day at a time and live paycheck to paycheck, not quite Low Class, not quite Middle Class.  We are the Forgotten Class.  The ones who aren't quite making enough to live comfortably from paycheck to paycheck, but make JUST ENOUGH to somehow get by and not qualify for any kind of assistance- like free lunches for our kids at school or reduced rates at public daycares.  It is what it is.

I'm taking off...Take care.


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  1. Another good read (based on the "tell it like it is" style of writing) is "Why Men Love Bitches". It's so hilarious...and although not really applicable since we are both married to the men of our dreams, it's a read I would go back to over and over again for the hilarious honesty and reminder to not lose yourself in a relationship.

    PS What I would give for a night to myself - I'd take a bath, curl up with a good book and RELAX!