Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hollywood is not REAL beauty, WE are!!!

I have not posted in way too long, and for that, I apologize!  It isn't until I start doing something like this, that I realize how little time I have for myself (or how bad my laptop at home is-so bad I can't even use it to get online to update my blog! I need a new one desparately)!  Alas, I'm afraid this is not a top priority for me or my husband- he would MUCH rather buy a new tempur-pedic bed and is feverishly working/hustling his way towards that.  I, on the other hand would like to work on plain old, boring paying off debt. You see, my husband happens to be an expert hustler and can wheel and deal his way from owning a ten speed bike all the way to owning a 2001 Monte Carlo.  Which is what he owns now.  And that's kind of how he got it.  Not really.  But basically.  But he is trying to hustle his way to a new bed for us right now.  So that's his main goal right now.  Oh, my knight in shining - blue jeans.

Anyways...  So something has been weighing heavily on my mind that I think deserves a bit of attention and discussion...The relentless, tasteless and shameless photoshopping and cropping of the ever beautiful celebrity/model in magazines and online images.  I mean, seriously.  This is just getting out of hand.  As if celebrities aren't made pretty enough with hours worth of makeup and hair done on them before a photo shoot with designer clothes and stylists to boot, the magazines find reason to photoshop, edit, crop, do anything they can to make that person look perfect.  Really?  Is it really that bad to show them with a wrinkle?  So what if their waist isn't 23 inches around?  So what if they don't have chicken legs?  And forget about them letting something like a little cellulite get past their keenly trained perfecting eyes.  God. Forbid.  You know what?  I WANT to see a little cellulite on one of these models/actresses!  I mean, I don't even know if these people are even what they look like in their pictures!  For all I know, with all this photoshopping going on these people could be down right nasty in person.  Before you know it people are going to be going to plastic surgeons asking to be sliced and diced so that their body can look like it did when they were 12 again!  This is just getting out of hand.

Nobody living a normal life has thighs the same circumfrence as their calves.  And why should someone feel the need to go on one of those "cleanses"drinking nothing but juiced grass for a week?  You know what I wanna know?  How many calories do these models eat a day?  For real.  In order to maintain those child sized waists there's no way they can be on a healthy diet.  And when a celebrity who is on a normal diet is photographed for a magazine, can we NOT photoshop them to make them smaller than they really are?  That's just stupid.  Why create unrealistic ideals to what a woman "should" look like in order to be considered beautiful?  Are ya with me ladies? 

This obsession we have with celebrity is so rediculous (totally not saying I don't get suckered into reality tv the way the rest of the world does-because God knows I love me some Real Housewives), but the way we idolize celebrities and models because of their beauty is so not healthy for our mentality.  Do they really look THAT bad in their before pictures???  Hell to the no.  So please, don't think twice about eating that fry because Britney Spears looked so good on her cd cover or because that model looked so good in that magazine.  Those pics aren't even legit.  You're a real person with a real life and a REAL body.  Nobody looks that perfect.  Hollywood should not define beauty, real life women should.

Can I get an Amen?

Thank you and good night!


  1. AMEN!

    I feel like this topic has been a hot one lately, and I completely agree! Screw photoshopping! I understand if you're hiding a zit that happened to pop up the day of (been there, done that - for a family shoot of course not some fancy magazine haha!) or fixing a photobomber in the background or even a hugely inconvenient strand of hair that blew up like Mary's hair in "There's Something About Mary"...but that's all cosmetic. That's not altering someone's real appearance. I've felt the sting of imperfection and am so lucky to have a hubby that reminds me I'm beautiful the way I am.

    There needs to be some kind of "real" women movement I tell ya!

  2. OMG totally...To me this is just sickening! I really don't want my girls growing up thinking that they need to be a size 0 to be considered beautiful. It's just sad. And frankly, it's getting kind of pathetic that us women let it get to this point...