Friday, April 27, 2012

Celebrities and our pathetic fascination.

OK, so I'm watching How I Met Your Mother right now and currently thinking that Neil Patrick Harris, or NPH as he called himself in Harold and Kumar (haha), is basically a comedic genious.  He's halarious.  I'd love to meet him.  Along with my new celebrity obsession Guiliana Rancic.  I've been watching Guiliana and Bill lately and I have fallen in love with her and her husband Bill.  He will be my second husband.  You'll see.  And one day her and I will be BFFs.  But the whole point of this is that I started thinking about all the cool people my mom has gotten to meet through her job and how I'm a teensy bit jealous of her for that-it's just not fair!!  She works for a TV show called Twin Cities Live.  It's a tv show in the Twin Cities (OBVIOUSLY) about all things food, fun and fashion.  Basic general human interest.  They have segments about all kinds of things, with many different celebrity guests on the show.  Each time there is a celebrity guest my mom gets to meet them and take a picture with them.  Must be rough huh?  Here's a small snippet of a list of the celebrities she has met over the last couple years:  Bethanny Frankel, Marie Osmond, Hulk Hogan, Plain White T band, Vicki Gunvalson, Louie Anderson, Uncle Kracker, Tom Arnold, Cheryl Tiegs, Harmon Killebrew, Gretchen Rossi, Tim Gunn (love him), couple of guys from the Deadliest Catch, Nigel Barker, Topher Grace, Steve-O, Ross Matthews (gay guy on Chelsea Lately-love him too-weird, I just love the gay funny guys).  Like I said, must be rough huh?  (I mean, I dont know what it is about our weird fascination with famous people but let me fascinate ok?!)  I mean, I wouldn't pay $100 to go see Pauly D dj like my girlfriends did, that's just crazy, and stupid.  But to meet some of these people for free like my mom gets to WOULD be pretty sweet.  Try and tell me you wouldn't be intrigued.  If you say you wouldn't be, you're lying, I know you are. 

The funniest obsessions with celebrities are child obsessions.  My two girls, 5 and 8, are obsessed with, you guessed it, Justin Bieber.  And Selena Gomez.  And Victoria Justice.  And who could forget Big Time Rush!!!  To all of you out there that have no idea who some or any of these people are, turn on the Disney Channel for 5 minutes.  Their faces are all over!  They are the biggest child actors out there right now and even I have a slight obsession with Selena Gomez.  She's halarious.  And btw, she's dating Justin Bieber, in case you were living under a rock and didn't know that already.  It's so funny tho, to see my girls talk about their current celebrity crush/obsession.  Take Justin Bieber for instance (or The Biebs as we hip folk call him). Any time my 5 year old sees his face in a magazine she has to yell out "Justin Bieber!" as if she were actually meeting him in person.  And she's equally enthusiastic each time she sees his face.  It's pretty entertaining. 

Why do we find famous people so interesting just because they're, well, famous (and super dee duper rich)?  They don't have super powers or anything and it's not like they give a shit about any of us...except for when they win awards, then they HAVE to "thank their fans."  I just don't get it, and I'll admit it, I take part in idolizing a celebrity I've never met just because their super pretty.  Doesn't mean I understand it any better.  It's just plain weird, and frankly, a little sad.  Don't ya think? 

But the really sad part is when there are breaking news stories about how Kim Kardashian died her hair (gasp!) light brown, or how Lindsey Lohan got arresteds-again, but yet when Denzel Washington visits an army camp and whips out a check on the spot for however many hundred thousand dollars it takes to build another housing unit for the men who serve our country there isn't so much as a small side article in the next issue of Us Weekly or OK! magazine, or a tweet or post or small segment on E! news commemorating him for his unbelievably generous unselfish act.  What, that's not juicy enough news?  Don't you think it would do our country some good to have these kinds of stories more in the fore front rather than stories about the many different celebrities who have been arrested for DWI, or who partied at which popular nightclub in LA last night?  Does anyone else think we're pathetic for caring so much about these celebrity stories?  It's ok, you can admit you think it's pathetic too but still be interested in these stories.  I am. 

I should probably get back to watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians...JUST KIDDING!  That's not even funny, the people that actually like the Kardashians are the most pathetic of them all.  Can you say "over exposed"?  Yugh! 

Thanks for stopping in and reading this most interesting of posts!  Glad I could entertain you for a few short minutes.  There goes 5 minutes of your life you'll never get back.



  1. I'd have to say i agree with the fact that there should be more stories about celebrities doing good with the status they're given, however; taking it one step further i also don't think celebrities deserve the kind of money they pull in. They are nothing but entertainers and while, yes, they can have troubled lives and must live in the spotlight, they have not made great progress for our civilization. Yes they entertain us (me included) and distract us from our everyday lives but they aren't truly changing lives. To bad we can't funnel just a little of that money to people like teachers...who take on the responsibility of the next generation. That's something i'd love to see.
    On a side not Tim Gunn is amazing.