Friday, April 27, 2012

This weekend...

It's Friday!!!  This weekend should be a good one for me and the fam (besides the weather, uh 46 for a high Saturday, chance of rain/snow mix in the morning-no thank you).  We got my neice's 6th bday party tomorrow, which happens to be planned at the dam.  Great, freezing weather AND we'll be next to the water...should be fun, NOT!  Then my nephew's first baseball game that evening.  After that my husband and I planned a bon fire with the kids and our dads.  Hopefully it's warm enough around the fire, otherwise we'll have to move that party inside!  I mean what the heck, it was 80, yes eighty, degrees in March, now we're back down to 46?  Thank you Minnesnowta.  Hate this place.

Anywhooo....Me and the hubs had our first softball game of the season last night.  So fun!  We won too, which is awesome and will probably be the only win of the season.  I mean, it's beer league so the team isn't that competative and they like to "hydrate" themselves before the game gets started, but it seems every other team in the league takes the games just-a-tad more seriously than we do!  Who gives a hoot!  It's a sport and we're up and moving and getting out of the house so that's all that we really care, we're almost thirty so we can't push ourselves too hard, right? (insert winky face here).  I mean, if the other teams are actually proud of themselves for beating our team that's just sad.  Ha!  No im kidding, we're not that bad, but we're just in it for the fun and some time to get out with some friends during the week and maybe sneak in a couple beers. 

My sister's good friends had their baby yesterday so I'm going to try my hardest to get up to the hospital tonight to say hi and see the new addition.  I can't help but keep think about how exciting it's going to be when the day comes that I find out that I'm pregnant again!  I can't wait to have a baby with the hubby, definetely something that will help pull our mixed family together more tightly.  I want it so bad I have dreams about it.  One day....

Until next time fellow followers...

Hope your weekend is as awesome and crazy wild as mine will be (wink wink)!


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