Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just Say No!!...To little girls in make up

Hello people of Earth!  This weekend was pretty eventful.  Saturday consisted of my 6 year old neice's bday outside in 40 degree weather with rain, thankfully it took place under a pavilion.  My step-sister had booked a pavilion at the dam that she had to put a deposit on and she didn't want to lose that deposit, so you bet she decided to go through with the outdoor plans!  Only in MN would you find a bunch of freaks having a bday party for kids outside in freezing weather and rain!  Crazies...

After the party we came home to warm up and had a bon fire with my dad and father in law that night (yes, it warmed up and cleared up by evening).  It was nice to chill with a drink next to the bon fire and chat with adults while my dad's dog begged for beer the whole time-he's quite the alcoholic!  We hung out by the bon fire and the girl's roasted marshmallows and had smores then played a bit of dress up.  Whenever they play dress up my daughter always finds the need to put on make-up. 

Which brings me to what I wanted to write about.  I read an article today about a mom that wrote on her blog that her 4 year old wore make up.  Yes, regular make up, daily.  Not for dress up, or dance, or pageants (which in my opinion are just as crazy to sign any little kid up in), but just for everyday wear.  This mom got a lot of heat for this, rightly so.  What parent in their right mind would let their 4 year old little girl have an everyday make up regimen?  That child is going to grow up with so many misconceptions about beauty, and will probably be pretty vain if she's already starting with the foundation and lipstick.  Then this mother tried to defend herself by saying that she doesn't wear mascara "or anything like that" just blush and a little lip color, as if that was any better.  Are you kidding me?  I understand when little girls, or even boys in some cases, want to put on play make up while playing dress-up or house, but to put make up on to go to daycare?  No child should feel the need to put on make up in order to feel presentable.  And no mother/parent should encourage that kind of behavior.  Utterly rediculous.  In my opinion.  And we all know my opinion is the only one that matters, right? 

And how do we feel about toddlers/little girls in pageants again?  Oh that's right, I find them almost to the point of being disgraceful.  I think it's sick to see a 2 year old wearing more make up than most women I know.  They wear so much make up they look like drag queens.  That's right I said it, those little girls, prancing around, shaking their butts wearing skin tight clothes look like DRAG QUEENS.  It's a bit disturbing.  I feel so uncomfortable whenever I see previews for the show "Toddlers and Tiaras."  I watched an episode once and those mothers were down right crazy.  For reals.  I know that to some people might find this offensive, and I'm sorry if you do, but it's my opinion and I'm entitled to it.  That's the beautiful thing about America.  That's also why it's ok to put little girls on display in bathing suits, caked with make up, while they do tricks with a hula hoop.  Sick I tell ya, just sick! 

Spare me your reasonings why you would think these pagaents are actually good for little girls.  Teaching discipline?  That's your job as a parent.  But if you need some help, or want to show them with something else besides chores, bring them to something a little more age appropriate, like karate or dance.  Teaching them....ok I give up, I can't think of another rediculous excuse to why pagaents are good for little girls.  I just cant wrap my head around that whole thing. 

So that's all I gotta say.  That's my story and I'm stickin to it.  Take it or leave.  Love it or hate it. 


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  1. I watched Toddlers & Tiaras once too and was so disgusted. Those kids learn the worst ways to cope with competition and other kids. They sit there and badmouth other contestants and pout and throw fits when they lose...it's just terrible.

    As far as makeup goes, I'm with you. Breanna will put it on for dress up or I let her wear it for Halloween; for our wedding I put some mascara on her (obviously not thick or anything)...but there's no way I would let her wear it on a daily basis. Even when kids wear makeup for dance it's weird to me. They're kids. Nobody is looking at their faces, why not just keep it fresh until they hit 13?