Friday, May 18, 2012

Main event-Brother moved in!

My brother moved in, my brother moved in!!!  I'm so excited!  I got a bedroom we had been using for storage all cleaned out so my brother could rent a room from us. This will be his first time not living at home!  Ahhhhh...remember the good ol days?  The first time you move out and you can "finally do whatever you want" and "not have to answer to anybody."  Ha!  And then you realize-the bills, all the cleaning, all the responsibility, the bills...oh, did I say that already?  I never really got to experience the whole young-and-living-on-your-own-for-the-first-time thing to the full extent because when I moved out for the first time at the ripe old age of 19 I was already 6 months pregnant!  My responsibilities had already begun.  I know what you're thinking: "If you would've just kept your legs closed...ya slut."  I know, I know, but what the really sad part about that is by that time it had become almost main stream for us 19-20 somethings to get pregnant so young.  But this isn't about me!  I was just thinking that this will be such a great experience for my little bro to finally be out on his own.

Now we have an extra hand around the house to do all our dirty work!!  Ha, no im just joshin' ya!  But it will be nice to know that there will be an extra guy in the house to take care of the bugs!  And thank goodness he moved now, the June Bugs are already out!  I need an extra hand at the house to protect me from those nasty things!  They scare the living hell out of me.  Bon fires and night time yard games are pretty much out of the question for me in June.  I am THE BIGGEST SCAREDY CAT when it comes to bugs, and I hate it!  Maybe I should try the hypnosis thing where a therapist hypnotizes you and tells you that bugs aren't scary and you won't be scared of them ever again, and BAM! when you wake up you're not scared anymore...but I highly doubt that would work.  Plus, it would probably be expensive, but mostly, I just highly doubt it would work.

Well hopefully this weekend will be productive, I have plans to bring a bunch of kid stuff to a garage sale to get sold (the girls have way too many toys!) and I also want to get some bricks in our kitchen above the sink re-painted.  I have already painted them with 3 different colors that I thought would look great together-tan, sage green and like this coral/orange color-but unfortuantely NONE of the colors turned out how I thought they would so I have to re-paint the whole thing, this time just using one color.  Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it! 

More later!


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