Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blog cherry...POPPED!

OK, so the blonde me is still learning this whole "blog thing" and apprently the name of my blog profile is "Aaaaaaand here we go!!!"  Which was not intended.  (Anyone know how to change that???) But well, there it is.  So the whole reason I wanted to start a blog is because of my love of writing and journaling.  I've always been a reader and a writer and love reading memoirs and novels, mostly pieces that were written by the author about themselves, true-life stories, that kind of thing.  I've always thought about writing a book, but have thought twice about that (my life is probably not that interesting to write about), but I am considering going to school for journalism-that is when my life settles down and my family is on a smooth track.  I'm writing this blog on my lunch break so please, bear with me.
OK-so, what to write in a blog?  I'll start with the first thing that pops in my head.  I am in the process of registering my 5 year old daughter for kindergarten which she will start in the fall.  First off-HOLY CRAP, I have a FIVE year old, and she's going to be in KINDERGARTEN!  You know the cliche when they see "They grow up too fast"...well, it's true, they really do.  My little girl is THE MOST important thing to me and to see her growing up so fast and so well adjusted to her life and everything thrown her way makes me very proud as a mother.  She is such a happy little girl and I can't help but give my self a little credit for that (insert smiley face here). 

Our life consists of family time-me, my husband (Andy), my daughter and my step-daughter who is 8.  I pretty much feel like I'm living the life of a 40 year old (never going out, activities with the kids, work, and keeping the house up).  It is what it is.  But we have a damn good life and I'm really happy with where things are at.  HOWEVER......the housekeeper (tee-hee) needs to pick it up the slack!  We purchased our house within the last year and have quickly realized how much harder it is to keep an entire house clean compared to a little apartment.  It gets away from you so fast and before you know it, a hurricane has blown through your entire home!  It's actually pretty rediculous right now because we are remodeling our bathroom (by "we" I mean my husband and his dad), and it's taking a while.  And, we'll just say that these two men are not the cleanest people.  But they're getting the work done and learning along the way and I'm very proud of them.  And I really don't know where we would be without Andy's dad in the whole purchase of the house and all the repairs and remodeling we have had to do and are going to do.  He has been amazing to us and we're very lucky to have him. 

My lunch break is running short and I have to get caught up on my current events and entertainment news (I love yahoo news!) so hopefully I'll be able to tweak this thing and add more later!  Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I promise things will get more interesting-and at times a little juicy (insert winky face here).  STAY TUNED!!!



  1. Woot woot, you got it going! Welcome to the blog world. I'm going to harass you to keep this up now :) I am with you on feeling like a 40-year old in a 24-year old's body, but like you said, it is what it is! Here's to pursuing dreams and entertaining ourselves in the process! Cheers!

  2. Keep harassing me...I give up easy! Cheers!

  3. OMG...I got it! Thank you!!!!!!